Licences for medicinal cannabis growers, suppliers and producers

Ministry of Health New Zealand

Licence to cultivate a prohibited plant

Currently, licences for cannabis can only be issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act to cultivate or extract cannabis for medical or scientific research, including clinical trials. Growing for any other purpose, including commercial cultivation, is not yet permitted.

Activities that can be allowed:

  • growing cannabis
  • harvesting cannabis
  • drying cannabis
  • storing cannabis
  • possessing cannabis and its seed
  • sale or supply of cannabis plant material or seed to an appropriately licensed facility.

One licence per cultivation site is required.

Licence to deal in controlled drugs

Activities that can be allowed:

  • Possessing cannabis, cannabis seed or a cannabis product
  • Storing cannabis, cannabis seed or a cannabis product
  • Extracting/processing cannabis and its seed (including hulling seeds)
  • Manufacturing products from cannabis, cannabis extracts or cannabis seed (for scientific research only)
  • Selling/distributing cannabis, cannabis seed or a cannabis product.
  • Licence to manufacture medicines

    Issued under the Medicines Act 1981

    Activities that can be allowed:

    • Manufacturing medicinal cannabis products or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for therapeutic use (currently only allowed to be manufactured for clinical trials).

    Note that a licence to deal in controlled drugs is also required to enable a manufacturer to sell or distribute the medicinal cannabis products or active pharmaceutical ingredients.


PSL News

This week we celebrated with a client the success of a clinical trial approval through New Zealand Medsafe and Ethics in super quick time

Document Review:      5 days

Medsafe Approval:      22 days

Ethics Approval:          18 days

Proficient review of documents and efficient processes to address any queries, as well as a good understanding of Medsafe and Ethics timelines are good reasons to work with Pharmaceutical Solutions to conduct clinical research in Australia and New Zealand.

Consumer Report Issue 553

From this article, it’s interesting to understand the size of the market.

If the industry is about the health and “well-being” of people then consumers need to be able to have confidence that product claims are based on fact.

Daily Dose

The Ministry of Health’s Adult Nutrition Survey indicates 30 percent of New Zealanders regularly take supplements.

A further 17 percent are “occasional” users. According to the survey most frequently consumed supplements are oils, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.

Regular supplement users are more likely to be older. Women are more likely than men to buy these products.

Sports supplements are the exception: they’re consumed more frequently by men and women.

Most supplements are bought from supermarkets and health food stores, which industry figures show have around 50 percent of the Natural Health Products market. Revenue from domestic sales of natural health products is estimated to be $230 million a year.


Natural Health Product Compliance and Regulatory Services

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Pharmaceutical Solutions Ltd has a team of skilled Natural Health Product Regulatory and Compliance Professionals. Terri Kong can help determine the most direct pathway for your product(s) through the registration process to market. Our team can provide guidance on all aspects of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Strategic and Technical Advice and Product Life Cycle Management in Australia and New Zealand.

 Examples of Natural Health Products where we can assist:


-Dietary Supplements
-Herbal Remedies
-Complimentary -Products/Medicines
-Listed Medicines
-Holistic Products
-Homeopathy Products




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