Consumer Report Issue 553

From this article, it’s interesting to understand the size of the market.

If the industry is about the health and “well-being” of people then consumers need to be able to have confidence that product claims are based on fact.

Daily Dose

The Ministry of Health’s Adult Nutrition Survey indicates 30 percent of New Zealanders regularly take supplements.

A further 17 percent are “occasional” users. According to the survey most frequently consumed supplements are oils, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.

Regular supplement users are more likely to be older. Women are more likely than men to buy these products.

Sports supplements are the exception: they’re consumed more frequently by men and women.

Most supplements are bought from supermarkets and health food stores, which industry figures show have around 50 percent of the Natural Health Products market. Revenue from domestic sales of natural health products is estimated to be $230 million a year.