Our Team

Pharmaceutical Solutions is committed to practising effective governance.

Our Directors are dedicated to overseeing the company’s growth and success within a sound business structure and current industry environment.

The company values expertise and dedication in its employment of staff across the region.

The Executive team provides leadership to ensure the delivery of Excellence in Clinical Research services.


“It always is and always will be about people” Linda Hill founding Director

Pharmaceutical Solutions was founded by Linda Hill and the principle by which she worked as a Clinical Research Associate is one she continues to adhere to today as the board chairperson.Since the company’s inception in 2000, Linda has built a strong reputation growing the business in New Zealand and Australia by employing talented staff who have grown to advance the company.Your experience with the team at Pharmaceutical Solutions is based on the principle of building healthier futures for people, and by being dedicated to providing the best clinical research service.


Our Values are actively lived by the founders and the team, to support the behaviours we demonstrate in service delivery

Pharmaceutical Solutions is about People

  • Collaborate and Encourage
  • Proudly Can Do
  • Supportive Team Culture

Pharmaceutical Solutions Delivers

  • Quality without Compromise
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Customer Focused Commitment



Linda Hill Jacquie Palmer Nicole Elliot Zahra Champion
Board Chair General Manager Finance Board Member

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